Chai Bandi brings the highest quality tea with different varieties. Also, our intention is to provide more employment to the youth by giving franchises at the lowest price.
Chai Bandi aims to be a leader in the food and beverage industry. We bring you a TEA that is great in healing stress and aids. We are striving to provide the original taste of tea while infusing different flavours to keep people glued to our traditional beverage. Our Teas are processed and sourced naturally.

From the inception of the project to the successful opening of a new branch, we meticulously handled every aspect of the branding process. Our team seamlessly executed a diverse range of tasks, starting with captivating graphic design that formed the foundation of the brand’s visual identity. We then extended our expertise to the physical realm, overseeing signboard fitting with meticulous attention to detail. Internally, we crafted a cohesive branding strategy, ensuring that every element, from stickers to marketing materials, resonated with the brand’s essence. Our commitment to excellence extended to various mediums, including both traditional and digital platforms. We orchestrated the creation and distribution of engaging posters, billboards, and digital materials, effectively amplifying the brand’s presence. Furthermore, we facilitated the operational necessities of the branch by providing stationery design and printing services. In essence, our agency delivered a turnkey solution, equipping “Chai Bandi” with everything necessary for a successful and visually compelling business venture

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